Disintegration Situation was a performance / performance residue in the group show Potsyd which was located in an abandoned bomb shelter in Bergen, partly due to the fact that the show ran simultaneously with Bergen Assembly, thus no other venues were available. Disintegration Situation was a public service performance in which participants were encouraged to bring any object(s) they wished to have destroyed, whereupon the collected material was disintegrated by the artist (situation manager) in a live performance once a week. Those who left behind belongings where given a folded 1-crown coin as a memento and symbolic payment. Images are from appx. 3 weeks after the first event.

It was presented as such:

Welcome to the Disintegration.
The Disintegration Situation is an opportunity to ensure the disintegration and following reinterpretation of unwanted and/or unnecessary belongings.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to bring to the exhibition anything they wish to have destroyed (by impact rather than decay). Deliveries may be done on location at the exhibition venue, or by appointment with the situation manager/artist or curators. Information regarding protocol for registration will be available on the premises.

Spectators are advised to beware of ricocheting fragments during active disintegration.

- - -

1. To become reduced to components, fragments, or particles.
2. To lose cohesion or unity, weaken or break apart.
3. To decompose, decay, or undergo deleterious transformation.












Photos: Gabriel Kvendseth